People and Ministries

We share our gifts


During the Mass, lots of people help to make the celebration special.

You might have even helped before at a parish or school Mass! God made each and every one of us with different gifts that we can use to help make the Mass a special celebration. Some people are good singers, some are good at reading aloud, and others are gifted at arranging and preparing beautiful settings for prayer.

Whatever your gift, there is a place for it within the community of the Mass. We will now look at just a few of the gifted people who help to make the Mass a special celebration.

Altar Server

I help the Priest by processing in, holding the books of prayer and helping to prepare the altar.


I proclaim the scripture for the people to listen and think about.  

Extraordinary Minister
of Holy Communion

I help the Priest give Communion to the people present and sometimes I also take Communion to the people in the parish who are too sick to come to Mass.


I lead the celebration of the Mass and pray with you and on your behalf for God’s blessing.

Liturgical Musician

I play music and sing to help Mass be a joyful celebration.


I welcome everyone and help people through the celebration by introducing people and different parts of the Mass and guiding everyone through the celebration.


I come to listen, pray, give thanks, sing, respond, stand, sit, learn, grow and try to live like Jesus.

Gift Bearer

I bring the gifts forward on behalf of everyone gathered.


I help prepare the church for Mass. 

For Reflection and Discussion


I am the person who brings the Lectionary to the front in the Opening Procession and who reads the First and Second Reading. Who am I?


I provide short introductions on the parts of the Mass so you can understand it better. Who am I?


We are the people who help the priest give out the blessed bread and wine of Communion. Who are we?


We are the people who play musical instruments, including the piano, organ, violins, and other instruments. Who are we?


We are boys or girls who help at Mass. We help the Priest at the altar. We light candles, carry the cross, hold the books of prayer and do anything else we are asked to do during the Mass. Who are we?


I wear certain clothes called vestments. I lead everyone in the celebration of Mass. Who am I?


We are a group of singers that are in front of the church or up in the balcony. Who are we?


We are a group of people who have gathered together for a religious service. Who are we?


  • Have you or anyone in your family or friends ever assisted at Mass? What did you (or they) do?
  • Can you think of any other people present at Mass not in this list? 

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