Living the Paschal Mystery

Its meaningfulness in our lives


Its meaningfulness in our lives.

The Paschal Mystery is the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Catholics, from their reading and living out of the messages within the scriptures and Church teaching, grow in their understanding of the Pascal Mystery and its meaningfulness in their lives.

The Paschal Mystery is lived out in the lives of believers when they are people of hope fully believing in new life and the Resurrection.

They believe that hope and life can come from suffering and sacrifice; that by giving, you receive; that great joy and satisfaction come from giving up what you want; or they think in terms ‘for the good of everyone’.

The Eucharist is also a celebration of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Paschal Mystery. Christ’s Life, Death and Resurrection are remembered through sacred scripture, communal prayers and responses sung and spoken, and in the breaking of the bread during Mass.

For Reflection and Discussion

The Pascal Mystery, Christ’s Life, Death and Resurrection, is celebrated in the Eucharist.


When is Christ’s Life a focus in the Mass?


How can Christ’s Life help us to live?


When is Christ’s Death a focus in the Mass?


What messages does Christ’s Death have for us?


When is Christ’s Resurrection a focus in the Mass?


Where do you see signs of new life after a disaster or sad event?