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Fundamental Christian values

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As followers of Jesus Christ, we proclaim the gospel – we announce the good news of what Christ has done for all humanity.

But the gospel is not just words to pronounce; it should also involve practical application in our lives.

We need to remember that the Church’s social teachings are rooted in the gospel. Because Catholic social teachings express gospel-based values, every Catholic ought to endeavour to live those values every day of our lives.

The gospels leave us in no doubt as to the centrality of love and harmony in Jesus' teaching. We believe that each member of our community is loved by God, and therefore deserving of respect and kindness. By promoting and aspiring towards the values implicit in the gospels, we are striving to live as Jesus did.

These values are applicable to our everyday experiences. The following are some examples of situations where our behaviour is guided by such values: welcoming a new student; embracing cultural diversity in our community; assisting people in need; refraining from using hurtful nicknames; maintaining hope in times of adversity; and many more.

The scriptures are a constant reminder that we should try to live our lives as Jesus taught us.

For Reflection and Discussion


Draw a picture, cartoon or take a photo of what you think portrays one of these values.


In groups, define the values listed here. Record the key points of the discussion.


Find a scripture passage, which is not provided here, which expresses one of these values.


Describe an every day situation that you could find yourself in and write about the value(s) you would use to guide your actions.


Imagine you won a million dollars. How would you live your life?


What would the world be like without these values?


How do you live the gospels?


Have you read a book or watched a movie that deals with one or more of these values. Write about it.

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