God Speaks - We Listen

Being attentive to the Word of God

God Speaks - We Listen Map

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The story about what God has done for us in Jesus is in the Bible. We listen to the Bible so that we might understand how God works in the world and in our lives. 

There are eight key moments in this part of the Mass. The following names these moments and provides a brief explanation of each.

First Reading

The First Reading is generally from the Old Testament.


Following a brief period of silence, a psalm is sung as a meditative response to the First Reading.

Second Reading

On Sundays, the Second Reading is generally from one of the Letters of the New Testament.


This is a high point of the Mass.

Gospel Acclamation

The Gospel Acclamation is a joyful chant of praise and welcome for Christ who speaks to us in the Gospel.


Through the homily, the Priest opens up the treasures of the scriptures

Profession of Faith

In the Profession of Faith we recall the mysteries of our faith.

General Intercessions

Inspired by God’s word, we pray for the needs of the Church and the world.

For Reflection and Discussion


Discuss the possible reasons why the Liturgy of the Word incorporates an Old Testament reading, a Psalm, a New Testament Reading (often letters to the apostles) and a Gospel Reading.


Review the different forms of scripture that are used in the Liturgy of the Word e.g. Psalms, letters, parables, Old Testament and New Testament narratives and Gospel narratives.


Brainstorm and record the purpose of the Liturgy of the Word in the celebration of Eucharist.


Examine a Lectionary and review the week’s readings in the Liturgy of the Word choosing one of the upcoming weeks. Record and present the key messages to the class.


Create a collage that represents the key messages within a homily you heard recently at Mass.

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